Having completed the process to renew its corporate quality system, Tangenziale Esterna (TE) SpA is looking forward and setting new, ambitious targets. Indeed, TE is seeking to make innovation the common denominator on its road to operating the Bypass for 50 years once it is up and running. It is this spirit that has led the company to seek to integrate its certification by focusing on a completely new addition to international standards in 2013: ISO 39001, the Road Traffic Safety Management System (RTS). Such certification will provide the company with additional accreditation – in the form of an independent, authoritative declaration – of its widespread commitment to improving road safety within its sphere of responsibility.

It will help TE pursue its goal of reducing fatal accidents and serious injuries to the extent possible within the scope of its remit for road safety management. TE’s focus on the ethical and social value of the infrastructure project as a whole largely concentrates on the following areas: safeguarding legal liability; constant information about the company’s operating methods; future user trust and safety; social and environmental responsibility.

Since the ISO 39001 standard was only published in October 2012, there are still no cases in Italy where such certification has been obtained.

This opens up an opportunity for Tangenziale Esterna SpA to become the first road concession-holder to be certified for this standard in Italy, and one of the first in Europe and the world.