At a meeting of 2 August 2011, the Inter-ministerial Committee for Economic Planning (ICEP), a government body chaired by the Prime Minister that steers decisions relating to national economic policy, approved TEEM’s final design and the financing programme. The approval, registered at the Court of Accounts on 27 February 2012, came into practical effect upon the publication of the Resolution in the Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana (Official Journal) on 3 March 2012, whereupon work began on the executive design of the 32-km stretch of motorway and 38 km of new roads that make up the TEEM project. The opening of the construction sites was on 11 June 2012.

The ICEP’s Resolution also led to the modification of the final design on the basis of observations made by individuals and local authorities whose comments the Committee had taken on board. The coming into full effect of the Resolution led, on 20 July 2012, to expropriation proceedings relating to land lots deemed to be “of public utility” in accordance with a Declaration issued on 7 February 2012, as well as to the insertion of new sections in the Declaration relating by TEEM partners and new specifications for the related works, which were also subject to amendments and adjustments (27 July 2012). At the end of November 2012, Concessioni Autostradali Lombarde SpA approved the Definite Design forwarded to it by the Board of Directors of Tangenziale Esterna SpA (TES).


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