It requires coordination and collaboration between all the parties involved to ensure the primary and secondary irrigation network in the Greater Milan Area is maintained intact. As such, Tangenziale Esterna (TE) SpA has signed Memorandums of Understanding with Consorzio di Bonifica Est Ticino Villoresi (the entity that manages nearly 280,000 ha between the Ticino, Adda, Lambro and Po rivers) and Consorzio di Bonifica Muzza Bassa Lodigiana (which manages about 74,000 ha of water system from Cassano d’Adda to the Po). These agreements set out the commitments taken on by the entities in managing the water works that will be done as a result of the construction of the Milan Outer Eastern Bypass. Special attention has been given to ensure the irrigation and drainage system continues to function properly in those farming areas where the presence of water and a functioning irrigation system are key strengths.

Hence, it is essential that the detailed plans for TEEM do not fundamentally alter the watercourses in any way as the Bypass become reality. TE will invest an amount in excess of 10% of the total cost of the infrastructure construction costs in compensation work required by the local area and for environmental mitigation. This is a significant commitment that clearly shows the care taken during the planning, construction and future management stages for TEEM.