TEEM will directly link the A4 Turin-Trieste motorway with the A1 Milan-Bologna motorway by means of a junction at Agrate Brianza in the municipality of Cerro al Lambro. The total length of the section is 32 kilometres which may be divided as follows: 1.5 km in the Province of Monza & Brianza, 23.8 km in the Province of Milan and 7.2 km in the Province of Lodi. The Executive Design provides for the construction of thee lanes in each direction, plus an emergency lane on the hard shoulder. It also envisages the use of the latest technologies to ensure the maximum safety of motorists and low air and noise pollution. The Bypass will link both to existing and to future planned motorways (the A1 Milan-Bologna, BreBeMi and A4 Turin-Trieste) and to the ordinary road network in the area (through junctions in Pessano con Bornago, Gessate, Pozzuolo, Martesana, Paullo and Vizzolo Predabissi).

In the planning phase, particular attention has been given to the choice of a road bed that will match the characteristics and contours of the land it traverses. TEEM runs for a total of 8.7 kilometres below the level of the surrounding plains (in a trench bed), while the remainder of the course is either flush (on-grade) with the level of the ground, or elevated. The plan also includes 2.1 kms of viaducts to pass over waterways and railway lines and, for the sake of traversing complex built-up areas, tunnels totalling one kilometre. In addition to mapping out the route for the motorway, the Executive Design includes 19 major works to be carried out on the network of secondary roads, which will be made freely available to the public. Some 38 kilometres of new roads are to be built and 15 kilometres of existing thoroughfares remediated. In addition, a decisive boost will be given to the so-called “slow movement” routes (low-impact mobility) through the construction of 30 kilometres of new cycle paths.

TEEM represents a completely “Made in Italy” project that has been designed to the highest specifications by top-tier major infrastructure design and construction firms. The Executive Design of TEEM was published on 7 February 2011 and is the end result of hundreds of meetings that the concession-holder held with local stakeholders of every type.

The new infrastructure will be brought into service in three separate lots: Lot A, corresponds to the northern section, is 6.2 kilometres long and lies between the towns of Agrate Brianza and Bellinzago Lombardo; Lot B, the central section, is 15.8 kilometres long and lies between Gorgonzola and Paullo; Lot C, the southern section, is 9.9 kilometres long and lies between Tribiano and Cerro al Lambro. The work will be carried out by consortia of companies that, together, make up the Consorzio Costruttori TEEM (CCT), the General Contractor for the project.

The building work includes the so-called “Arco TEEM”, which is a section of motorway that runs in an arc between SP (Provincial Highway) 103, known as “Cassanese” and SP 14 “Rivoltana,” linking the future BreBeMi motorway with the regular network of motorways and highways of the Greater Milan Area. The opening of “Arco TEEM” to traffic is scheduled for spring 2014. The entire TEEM will be ready for use in time for Expo 2015.