TEEM will prove to be a modern and innovative construction that is very sensitive to environmental impact. Since the area crossed by the project is a land of multiple identities, it is essential that the construction becomes as seamless a part of the local area as possible, making adjustments as needed. A key aspect in this has been the work to reduce the impact of noise (noise-abating embankments, barriers and asphalt) created by vehicle traffic on the motorway and in the adjacent areas. A whole series of elements work to handle the rainwater that falls on the motorway (collection tanks and purification systems) and guarantee that pollutants do not seep into the local water table. This approach not only increases safety, but also turns such environmental respect into a point of strength than can be used by the local farming community. Of course, a modern construction is now synonymous with energy savings. The extensive use of LED lighting devices will make it possible to customize the lighting, signage and signalling systems along the motorway, improving safety for travellers while also optimizing the energy used by TEEM.