Aware of the enormous importance and delicacy of the infrastructure under construction in local areas and communities, Tangenziale Esterna SpA has taken the decision to promote a series of initiatives in order to ensure observance of laws and regulations, controls on procedures and the utmost transparency as work goes forwards. This is a highly topical issue in the major works industry, where the judiciary has brought to light frequent incursions by organized crime into the management of tenders and subcontracting.

To start with, TE has signed a memorandum of understanding to set up a private platform for the provisioning of goods and services, making it possible to use advanced e-procurement tools that benefit local enterprise, boost the local economic environment and ensure greater transparency with regard to suppliers, the authorities and citizens via a system accessible online.

The concession-holder has also signed a Protocol of Legality for works associated with Expo 2015, committing it to work fully with the Prefectures of Milan, Monza and Lodi in their work to combat Mafia infiltration into the tender system. A major focus falls on site workplace safety protection and protecting the health and safety of workers involved in the project. The goal is to ensure compliance with laws, regulations and procedures in all forms, in pursuit of the greatest proprietary in relations with government and private parties involved in building the Tangenziale Est Esterna di Milano.