The Tangenziale Est Esterna di Milano (TEEM) is a formidable driver of economic growth and jobs for the whole of Italy. More than 28,000 new jobs will be created during construction and management of the work.

The topic of health and safety in the workplace is therefore of key importance.

Legislative Decree no. 626 of 1994 was issued to regulate workplace safety, before subsequently being wholly absorbed by Legislative Decree no. 81/08, the Consolidated Safety Act. The Legislative Decree applies to all sectors of activity, all types of risk and all workers, whether they be employees or freelancers, and obliges employers to comply with a number of requirements.

In compliance with the Consolidated Act, Tangenziale Esterna SpA undertakes to protect everyone who takes part in the realization of the work through the measures necessary to ensure the safety of each worker. The concession-holder’s approach is to continuously improve the protection of the people who work for it and site work safety.

To this end, on 11 May 2011 the company signed a major framework agreement with representatives of national unions CGIL, CISL, UIL and industry organizations FILLEA-CGIL, FILCA-CISL, FENEAL-UIL targeted at establishing an ongoing and organic relationship between TE and the unions.

The objective of the protocol is to combat the phenomenon of illegal work, guaranteeing observance of EU, national and regional legislation while ensuring the application of relevant national bargaining agreements.

Furthermore, the framework agreement will foster the implementation of every possible protection, prevention and control-related action oriented towards minimizing the risk of accident and injury in the workplace, and to combating the risk of infiltration by organized crime throughout realization of the new infrastructure.

Applying the utmost seriousness and transparency, TE is keen to demonstrate its desire to undertake all TEEM-related realization activities with propriety. This is of particular importance in a €2 billion investment that will generate in excess of €5 billion in overall wealth, corresponding to 2.8% GDP growth for the province of Milan and 1.4% for Lombardy.


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