Tangenziale Esterna (TE) SpA places great importance on workplace safety and the constant improvement of TEEM building sites. All of the workers involved in this delicate construction project must be able to operate in a safe workplace. This is a right for workers, but it is also an opportunity for the companies as they can provide a more comfortable – and thus productive – work setting and for society as a whole, because it is burdened with fewer costs for work-related injuries and diseases. Pursuant to Article 90 of Legislative Decree no. 81/08, TE has appointed a person to be in charge of building site safety and this person represents the company for all requirements related to such matters, including:

• Designating safety coordinators both for the design and execution stages
• Verifying that the companies entrusted with any work, the companies doing the work and any freelancers meet suitable technical and professional requirements. This is done in accordance with Annex XVII of Legislative Decree no. 81/08
• Drafting and updating throughout construction the Preliminary Notification in compliance with Article 99 of Legislative Decree no. 81/08
• Verifying the work done by the appointed safety coordinators.

The work is divided into three lots, so the safety coordinator for each lot has the following tasks and responsibilities during the execution stage, as per Article 92 of Legislative Decree no. 81/08:

• Verifying that the companies doing the work and any freelancers are complying with the relevant dispositions in the Safety and Coordination Plan indicated in Article 100 and are correctly implementing the related work procedures. Such verification involves both coordination and checking enactment
• Verifying the suitability of the Operational Safety Plan (POS), which should be seen as detailed plan that complements that Safety and Coordination Plan
• Updating the Safety and Coordination Plan and the Health and Safety File in relation to the progress of the work and any changes made; assessing any proposals from the companies doing the work that are designed to improve the safety on site
• Organizing cooperation among the various employers (and including any freelancers), coordinating their activities and ensuring the mutual provision of information
• Reporting to the project supervisor/client, after having written to the relevant companies and freelance workers, any non-compliance with the provisions and instructions in the plan
• Proposing the suspension of work, preventing companies or freelancers from accessing the building sites or terminating contracts
• In the case of serious and imminent danger that has been observed directly, suspending a specific operation until it can be ascertained that the relevant companies have made the necessary changes.

The consortia (Norte, Arco TEEM and Lambro) assigned responsibility for completing the three lots of the TEEM project also have their own Prevention and Protection Services, which work in close cooperation with what is being done at the site in order to assess and prevent any risks related to the specific activities of each company operating at a site.