TEEM will also minimize the consumption of energy to light the roadways by using systems that combine modern technology with high quality standards. Interchanges, toll and rest areas, and tunnels will be lit using a combination of high pressure sodium – or SAP – lamps (as they ensure energy savings of 40-50% compared to traditional systems) and modern LED lamps, which offer versatility and high performance. The use of these technologies will ensure good lighting all along the motorway and provide innovative means to increase traveller safety. For example, when it is foggy, specific lighting will indicate the roadway more clearly.

In the tunnels, special technical solutions will ensure the level of light gradually decreases as traffic moves from the mouth of the tunnel towards the centre. The use of back-up generators means that even in a black-out the system will continue to shine. The lights will be turned on and off using timers linked to the day/night cycle, while the use of dimmers will make it possible to regulate light levels in accordance with time of day and traffic flow. In short, this will ensure optimal lighting throughout the day, while minimizing resource use. All of the systems used will provide high levels of reliability, flexibility and traveller safety.