Air quality, quality of life, environmental sustainability, and leveraging the green economy and investments in public works that cater to the needs of the community and territories involved – all of these apply to Milan’s Outer Eastern Bypass and its evident “green” soul. This extends beyond 30 km of newly-built cycle paths within the framework of associated works, part of a €219 million investment targeted at constructing 38 km of new road links and upgrading 15 km of existing roadways to help free up traffic and reduce the emission of airborne pollutants.

Tangenziale Esterna SpA has taken the decision to enter into partnership agreements with local green economy companies, and has hired Urban Bike Messenger as its courier within Milan. Letters, documents and parcels are transported by special bike messengers, removing the emissions generated by motor-vehicles usually used for this kind of service. Since 2008, Urban Bike Messenger has prevented 24 tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.

Other partnerships have led to agreements to use organic food at public meetings, as a way of seeking environmental sustainability in all of its forms. Once it becomes operational, the new infrastructure will generate €30 million of savings in fuel annually, reduce travel times by an estimated 8 million hours, and cut 141,000 kg of polluting emissions.