The realization of an important work such as the Milan East Outer Bypass (TEEM) disturbs the peace of the areas affected by the work, and the local communities where the construction sites are located quite rightly refuse to accept the disturbance as an inevitable price to pay for the modernization of the road network.

For this reason, Tangenziale Esterna SpA, the general contractor for the project, has taken care from the outset to ensure that the works are regarded by citizens, businesses, civil society and the municipal, provincial and regional governments as the fruit of an ongoing dialogue, the aim of which is to build consensus around the construction of the Bypass, beginning with the first blueprints. Dialogue is now continuing during the construction phase and will, of course, feature during the the bringing into service of the Bypass and its future operation.

Tangenziale Esterna SpA has also promoted many public information meetings for people whose areas are touched by the route or by associated infrastructure and environmental projects. These events, which often took the form of town hall meetings, have been attended by thousands of residents, business people, representatives of productive sectors, trade unionists and members of local associations. The issues that emerged during this permanent road-show, as it were, led Tangenziale Esterna SpA to draw up a Policy Agreement with the Region of Lombardy for the incorporation into the project of solutions that are based as much on consensus as possible.

This constant monitoring of the concerns and expectations of the local population naturally led to more municipalities signing up to the Policy Agreement, and established round-table discussions with local communities as the way forward.

The talks conducted by Tangenziale Esterna SpA led to agreement on not only the 32-km stretch of motorway itself, but also the 38 kms of new highways and 30 kms of cycle paths.

This dialogue-based approach has continued to characterize the activities of the Company, even after the opening of the construction sites (11 June 2012), and has led to further public meetings that, at this time of economic crisis, have focused on the contribution TEEM will make to fluid traffic flows and the positive effects of this in terms of jobs and growth.

Tangenziale Esterna SpA is not only spearheading a new system of financing infrastructure (without any public funds), but is also proving itself a responsible practitioner of an approach that ensures that construction work is conducive to the wishes of the local area.

The “Local Perspective” Section divides the TEEM Project into 34 detailed close-ups: one for each of the municipalities directly affected by the construction of the Bypass and by subsidiary works and environmental projects. Equipped with this level of detail, individual communities are kept abreast of what is happening in their local area, what works are planned, and what the timescale is for the coming into operation of the Concessioni Autostradali Lombarde (the motorway operating company: CAL). As progress is made in the construction sites, citizens will be supplied with useful indicators to help them avoid any inconvenience during works on the ordinary road network. The linking of the company’s internet portal with the main social networks, a process already underway, will create an integrated digital platform facilitating both interactive dialogue with all stakeholders and the more effective dissemination of service information.