“Tangenziale Esterna SpA has played its part in compliance with the provisions from the Interministerial Committee for Economic Programming (CIPE) by planning the completion of the interchange between the A51 (Eastern Bypass) and the A4 (Turin-Venice motorway), – said the CEO of TE SpA Stefano Maullu earlier today. He was speaking at a conference on “Infrastructure and the public works market – The Future of the Brianza Area” organized by ANCE and CRESME in conjunction with Confindustria Lombardia. The event was held at the Monza and Brianza Chamber of Commerce, ending with an address by the Regional Councillor for Infrastructure, Maurizio Del Tenno -. It is important to note that the €70 million in funding to build this interchange – a section of infrastructure that has been needed for at least 30 years in an area that suffers daily from traffic from the A51 and A4 motorways using ordinary roads – has never been allocated to us nor to any other concession holder. As part of the compensation work agreed on for the Brianza area, TE SpA is responsible for financing (€18 million) and building the Alternative Route to the “Monza-Melzo” SP 13 road (the Pessano con Bornago Bypass). That section of infrastructure is, moreover, governed by a specific agreement regulating its future management that the concession holder will sign with the Monza and Brianza Provincial Authority in the coming days. TE SpA firmly believes that the interchange between the A51 and the A4 must be completed as soon as possible to resolve the problem created by the lack of such a junction and to improve the quality of life of locals and the competitiveness of businesses. Consequently, especially given the financial guarantees for certain major works in Lombardy (including TEEM) included in the very recent “Decreto del Fare” decree issued by Infrastructure Minister Maurizio Lupi, TE SpA has already taken steps to raise the question of the funding to complete the A51/A4 interchange with ANAS, the body responsible for finding the funding”.