(pursuant to Article 17, point 2, of Presidential Decree no. 327/2001 and amendments)
The Final Project for the “Tangenziale Est Esterna di Milano” (Milan Outer Eastern Bypass or TEEM) was approved by the Interministerial Committee for Economic Programming (CIPE) with Decision no. 51 of 03/08/2011, with instructions and recommendations, pursuant to Article 166 of Legislative Decree no. 163/2006 and pursuant to Presidential Decree no. 327/2001 and amendments, for the purpose of the public utility of the works.

With the publication in the Official Journal of the Italian Republic (OJ) on 03/03/2012 (general series no. 53) the approval of the Final Project comes into full effect along with the declaration of the public utility of the areas needed for its creation.

Pursuant to Article 17, point 2, of Presidential Decree no. 327/2001 and amendments, the owners of those properties needing to be expropriated for TEEM are sent formal notification of the date when the deed approving the Final Project became effective and of the right to view the related documentation.

If the owners submitted observations to the published Final Project, then they will find the relative counter-arguments annexed to the aforementioned notification.

The owners have the right to provide details all useful elements (for example: nature and use of the area, agricultural or other use; the types of crops that are grown; any crops that are grown directly or by tenants, share-croppers or stakeholders; value of any legitimate structures on the area, etc.) needed to determine the value of the property to calculate the amount paid in compensation for the expropriation.

For any information about the expropriation procedure (timeframe, methods, compensation), please contact Consorzio Costruttori TEEM (CCT), which has been appointed by Tangenziale Esterna S.p.A. to build the motorway and to undertake the technical and administrative activities linked to the expropriation. It is possible to contact CCT on 02/959978, from Monday to Friday between 09:30am and 12:30pm and 2:30 and 5:30pm.

For details about the Final Project and the relative documentation, please go to www.tangenziale.esterna.it or contact Tangenziale Esterna S.p.A. directly on 02/87088466, from Monday to Friday between 9:30am and 12:30pm.