Lot A encompasses the municipalities of Agrate Brianza, Cavenago di Brianza, Carugate, Pessano con Bornago, Cambiago, Gessate, Gorgonzola and Bellinzago Lombardo, all of which are located in the northern section of TEEM. To reduce the impact on the areas traversed by the motorway, the road bed will be laid along a deep trench (i.e. below the ground level), passing below the A4 Turin-Trieste Motorway and the Villoresi Canal. The vehicles, therefore, will be travelling at a depth of about eight to ten meters below the level of the fields around. In particular, the road will go under the Villoresi Canal by means of an artificial tunnel to be built during the dry period, while the interconnection with the A4 Turin-Trieste Motorway will also be mostly underground. The building of the tunnel will necessitate a temporary route diversion. A detour will be put in place to allow travel in both directions on all four lanes pending completion of the tunnel.

The slip roads from aTEEM to the A4 will constitute the Agrate Brianza interchange, and will be laid alongside the Autostrada Milano-Bergamo, which will require the building of a new flyover above the Provincial Highway Omate-Pessano. To minimize the inconvenience to traffic, the new flyover will be built alongside the existing one, which will be dismantled one the new one is brought into service. Running alongside the road, a protected footpath and cycle lane will also be built. To give continuity to the existing road network and enhance traffic flows, a number of flyovers at Bertagna and Cascina Cassinazza are to be integrated into the current routes. During the construction phase, route detours will be in operation.

The TEEM construction will also involve work on the existing grid of water mains. To reduce the impact, watercourses will be diverted, and the upstream and downstream sections linked via new channels. Several bridges will be built to connect the canals to the east and west of the motorway. As mentioned above, TEEM will run underground in this area. Although the noise impact will already have been reduced thanks to the low-lying road bed, additional noise abatement features will be put in place in Torrance di Cambiago in the form of land dunes that will be greened with plants and camouflaged as appropriate. To facilitate the “low-impact mobility” between Gessate and Pessano con Bornago, a protected cycle path will be built.

Continuing south, the new motorway will pass below Line 2 of the Metropolitan Rail and the Naviglio Martesana (canal) by way of two man-made tunnels. These solutions will minimize the impact on the local environment, with particular regard to the “Martesana Corridor”, a zone of great natural beauty. The tunnel below Line 2 of the Metro, 100 meters in length, will be constructed using the “box-jacking technique.” The tunnel will effectively be jacked into position underneath the tracks, which will be held up by a special steel bridge. The Naviglio Martesana underpass, with a length of 440 meters, will be built using a cut-and-cover technique, and entails the temporary diversion of the watercourse, which has been agreed upon beforehand with the water company. A motorway interchange will be built at Gessate connecting to the local road network, specifically by means of a link to the “Padana Superiore” highway.

The building of the Gessate-Gorgonzola junction, of a link to the east of TEEM and of a 31-metre artificial tunnel beneath Line 2 of the Metro, along with the link to the “Padana Superiore” highway (formerly known as SP 11) form the basis for a road network that can become part of a future interchange node for Gorgonzola-Gessate area and the built-up area nearby that is expected to expand.


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