This Special Environmental Project principally affects the zone to the north of the built-up area of Melegnano, where the “Via Emilia” SS 9 road enters the municipality. The project objective is to augment strips of woodland to protect the two watercourses while at the same time implementing an area of shrubs to mitigate the impact of associated infrastructure (the link between the “Binaschina” SP 40 and “Cerca” SP 39 roads is envisaged on the site) on the built-up area.

The municipalities of San Giuliano Milanese and Colturano will also partially be affected. The site is currently used as farmland. To the north, it is bounded by the Cascina Rocca Brivio monumental heritage complex (municipality of San Giuliano Milanese); to the south it abuts onto the Melegnano built-up area.

Along the stretch where the City of Milan’s metropolitan belt ends and the Cavo Redefossi flows into the Cavo Vettabbia, just south of the Lambro

around 2.7 km of cycle/pedestrian paths will be upgraded between Rocca Brivio, Melegnano Nord and the Quartiere Sarmazzano, to the east of the River Lambro, where there are plans to install paving and undertake planting along the paths.