Milan, May 10th 2013 – «I think it is good that, just a few days after being appointed, the Italian Government Commissioner for the Expo, Giuseppe Sala has expressed the need to monitor, in synergy with the parties involved and to ensure transparency for citizens, the progress of the major construction projects linked to the 2015 Expo» said Stefano Maullu, the CEO of Tangenziale Esterna SpA.

«I also agree with Governor Roberto Maroni who – today – highlighted the need to bring to light any problems linked to the infrastructure planned for the Expo. On last 6 May, I invited not only Messrs Sala and Maroni, but also Prime Minister Enrico Letta and Infrastructure Minister Maurizio Lupi to visit the building sites for the Milan Outer Eastern Bypass. This afternoon, I would like to add to that invitation by expressing TE’s willingness to provide the required information and to take part in the planned working and discussion groups. Picking up on the notion of clarity expressed by Sala, I would like to note that the Government has, right from the start, sought to aid the construction of the TEEM, Brebemi and Pedemontana Lombarda motorways because of the employment they create and the boost they bring in hard economic times. As such, they swiftly adopted the aforementioned provisions providing partial tax exemptions for major works linked to the Expo. I also agree with the goal indicated by Lupi and the Deputy Minister for the Economy Luigi Casero, and I am willing to work with them to ensure the partial tax exemptions are grounded in the tax revenue that the revenue service will be guaranteed from the creation of new employment and boosting business growth».