Milan, May 6th 2013 – «The amount of space the government has given to major works linked to the Expo and the appointment of Giuseppe Sala – who I truly wish the best – as the Italian Government Commissioner for Expo 2015 are clear signs that the national government, along with the Lombardy Regional Administration, have prioritized infrastructure that will modernize the area and make businesses more competitive, thus improving the quality of life for citizens» said the CEO of Tangenziale Esterna SpA, Stefano Maullu, earlier today.

«Further proof of this can also be found in Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta, Infrastructure Minister Maurizio Lupi and Regional Governor Roberto Maroni all seeing the success of not only the Expo, but also the three Bypasses (Milan Outer Eastern Bypass – TEEM, Brescia-Bergamo-Milano and Pedemontana Lombarda) as drivers of economic recovery in Italy. If I turn specifically and solely to Tangenziale Esterna, I can note today, in front of all the important members of the government here in Milan today and in front of regional governor Maroni that, since work began on 11 June 2012, TEEM has actually created employment and encouraged growth. So, I would like to extend an invitation to the prime minister, all the ministers – starting with Mr Lupi as he is responsible for infrastructure – and Governor Maroni to visit our work sites to see firsthand what a boost TEEM is giving to the economy, without any public money, and to feel the real commitment from both TE and the consortium that makes up the general contractor to combating any involvement by organized crime and any off-the-books work. Finally, let me make clear that TE plans to work closely with Commissioner Sala as the logical next step from the promises the company has already made to Expo SpA».